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Atemi-Kempo Katori Jutsu

Club name: Atemi-Kempo Katori Jutsu

MAR member since 29/11/2001.

Atemi-Kempo Katori Jutsu specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (Street defence)
Kung Fu 
Tai Chi 

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Club contact details:

ARA Sports & Social club,
Manton Lane

Contact name: Sensei Ben Ledwick
Contact telephone: 01234-295895
Contact email:

Monday: 1900 - 2200, Sunday: 1700 - 2000. £4/session (insurance must be ordered on 4th week)

We are affliated with K.J.J.B.A.G.B. and have also got ties with the World Kenpo Assoc. We train in a relaxed environment and welcome new and experianced martial artists. We have a great deal of high grade martial artists(from different styles) currently cross training with us for our street defence approach.


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