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Martial Arts Tuition

Club name: Martial Arts Tuition

MAR member since 01/03/2006.

Martial Arts Tuition specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kung Fu (Wing Chun)
Kali (Dog Brothers Martial Arts)

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Club contact details:

London Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 1SZ

Contact name: Matt Tucker
Contact telephone: 01342 326983
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Specialising in Personal Training Programmes, classes and seminars at our fully equipped academy in East Grinstead High Street. The Instructors at  Martial Arts Tuition brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge allowing the student the opportunity to train in one or more systems  of martial art.

Private Tuition is available 7 days a week 0800am - 22.00pm

Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at held at East Grinstead
on Saturdays. Beginners 10.30am and Intermediates 11.45am.

The Kings Centre (dance studio), Moat RoadCrawley at K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill, A23 Crawley
on Thursdays from 8.00pm for Beginners and 9.15pm for Intermediates.

5 hour seminars in KALI and STICK FIGHTING are held every month in East Grinstead and Crawley. Please call for details.

To book an introductory consultation please call Matt Tucker on 01342 326983 or 07713 086557

We teach;

Wing Chun Kung Fu under the UK Wing Chun Association. Sifu Matt Tucker is a personal student of Master James Sinclair, one of the worlds most renowned exponents in this effective street fighting art.

Weapons training is taught from the world famous Dog Brothers Martial Arts system, bringing together the very best of Filipino Kali, Silat, Krabi Krabong, Grappling and others. Single & Double stick, Staff, Palm stick (Kubotan) and innocuous weapons ae taught as well as full contact stick fighting training. Matt Tucker travels regularly to train personally in the United States with Guru Marc Denny

Kickboxing and Kickboxercise/Boxercise classes and workouts are also available.


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