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Club name: Shonenjiku

MAR member since 24/02/2006.

Shonenjiku specialises in the following arts and styles:

Iaido (Muso Shinden Ryu)

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Club contact details:


Contact name: Billy Smart - 5th Dan
Contact telephone: 0141-954-8535

Tuesday : Knightswood Secondary School, Knightswood Road, Glasgow 7pm - 9pm.
Friday : Clevedon Secondary School, Cleveden Road, Glasgow 7pm - 9pm.

Shonenjiku translates as " School of Correct Thought " and comes from the Dojo name of Hiroi Tsunetsugu Sensei, Jodo hanshi 8th Dan, Kendo kyoshi 7th Dan, Iaido kyoshi 7th Dan; previously an instructor with the Japanese Police Kendo Department.

Shonenjiku has been in existence for over 10 years, and trains in Glasgow, from 7pm - 9pm every Tuesday & Friday.

Shonenjiku is Licensed by the British Kendo Association.


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