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Somerset Academy of Krav Maga

Club name: Somerset Academy of Krav Maga

MAR member since 18/02/2006.

Somerset Academy of Krav Maga specialises in the following arts and styles:

Krav Maga 
MMA Cross Training 
Self Defence (KAPAP)

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Club contact details:

The Campus
Weston Super Mare
bs29 6as

Contact name: paul grey
Contact telephone: 07812346025
Contact email:

Somerset Academy of Krav Maga  offers Classes, private tuition  and seminars in the weston super mare area.


t (Krav Maga)has more self defence cred than any other system we know about - and we know quite a bit about the subject!" Combat Magazine, May 1996.

"Everybody should know Krav Maga,it works! The best self defence system on the market."P Douglas, Bodyguard, Scotland Yard Anti-Terrorist Branch (Middle East section)

Best in the World for self defence. "It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle. Students (sometimes) train in their work clothes, with the lights off, using furniture - anything to prepare themselves mentally for tapping their aggression into a particular situation."

GQ Active, Spring 1999


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