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Haragei Fighting Arts Academy

Club name: Haragei Fighting Arts Academy

MAR member since 11/02/2006.

Haragei Fighting Arts Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Wado Ryu)
Ju Jitsu (Wado Ryu)
Self Defence (Wado Ryu)

Web address:

Club contact details:

127 Lulworth Road
Hall Green
West Midlands
B28 8NX

Contact name: Alfredo Cameron
Contact telephone: 0121 702 2785
Contact email:

Classes are available for: Men Women and Children.

Tuesday: 8pm-10pm  Saturday: 10am-12pm  Sunday: 11am-1pm at:

Shelly Farm Community Centre.
Farmhouse Way,
West Midlands.


Defend Yourself, Learn Karate Ju Jutsu.

Based on the cultural fusion of Okinawan karate and Japanese ju jutsu. Kicks, strikes, and punching methods, seamlessly integrate with joint locks, throws, takedowns and pins. Wado Ryu karate ju jutsu is a brilliant combination of methods, resulting in the development of a system of self defence that is extremely practical.

Sophisticated, elegant,and devastatingly effective, as a self protection system it ranks with the very best.


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