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red dragons

Club name: red dragons

MAR member since 24/01/2006.

red dragons specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (hung fai loong (chinese ))
Kickboxing (lau fist)
ValeTudo (total fighting)
Kung Fu (weapons (do shin wu))

Web address:

Club contact details:

school street
cradley road
four ways
cradley heath
West Midlands

Contact name: Carl or Tracey
Contact telephone: 0121 5596257
Contact email:

Monday  to Saturday    6pm  to 9pm               

Hung Fai loong  (chinese karate )  Mon .Thurs

Kickboxing    Wed, Fri

Kung Fu weapons    Sat

Vale Tudo    Tues        

includes  Little Dragons    ages from 4 to 9

and  Groups   from    

 Foundation  beginner to orange      

  Intermediate  green to purple

Advanced   Brown to Black  1st dan        

Senior   Black 2nd to Black 5th



We cater for the most un-fit person with our training program

also we have a K.I.S programe for special needs kids


                   "TRAIN HARD and FIGHT EASY"

            Its not about fighting its about learning life skills


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