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Sun Kune Do(Self Defence)

Club name: Sun Kune Do(Self Defence)

MAR member since 23/01/2006.

Sun Kune Do(Self Defence) specialises in the following arts and styles:

Street Defence (Sun Kune Do)

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17 Flaxman Terrace
Dukes Road

Contact name: steve joseph
Contact telephone: 02077902522
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Training Held Every Tuesdays 8.30pm-10pm  and Fridays 8pm-9.30pm
Tubes: Euston/kingsCross


About Sun Kune Do
Sun Kune Do is considered to be a modern, self defence Martial Art system, designed to be utilized against street attacks, and assaults. It is a highly practical system dealing with personal safety issues in defending against both armed and unarmed attackers. 
It improves self discipline, self confidence and aids in concentration mental performance and good health, offering a total fitness program.  
Training gives the student an advantage over stronger adversaries with its practical means of self defence.
The Sun Kune Do technical syllabus involves a wide variety of strikes, blocks, restraints, joint reversals, releases, takedowns and throws . Whilst most martial disciplines are predominantly characterized by a particular approach, Sun Kune Do is based on the assumption that a wider knowledge will be the most appropriate response in any given situation and
a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles is the only appropriate preparation for a physical encounter.

What We Teach
For each grade you will learn a series of movements, blocks, strikes, locks, throws, weapons defence, chokes and self defense techniques which will be a natural progression from those taught in the earlier grades.

The techniques taught will consist of a combination of body movement, evasion, blocking, striking, joint locking, throwing, vital area attacks, pressure point
application, disabling and restraining components. Techniques are designed to allow you to defend yourself in the most effective manner appropriate to the situation. Progression through the grades requires that the student demonstrate an understanding of those principles before moving on to the next grade

Practice is essentially co-operative and makes no minimum requirements in terms of strength and flexibility.  

" We are impressed. Techniques are based on natural me have incoporated Sun Kune Do into our training Program"

                                                                  London Met. Police


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