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Leeds Shinseido Shorin Ryu

Club name: Leeds Shinseido Shorin Ryu

MAR member since 21/01/2006.

Leeds Shinseido Shorin Ryu specialises in the following arts and styles:

MMA Cross Training 
Street Defence 

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Club contact details:

Headingley Parish Hall
St. Michael's Road
West Yorkshire

Contact name: Mike Flanagan
Contact telephone: 07939 506340
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Tuesday 7.15 - 9.15 pm.

The church hall is on St. Michael's Road just down from the Parish Church.  If travelling by bus/car look out for the Skyrack and Original Oak pubs.  Both are at the junction of St. Michael's Road & Otley Road.  From the Skyrack, its only a few yards to the church hall.

Shinseido Shorin Ryu (abbreviated to Shinseido) is an effective self-defence system for ordinary people. Students of Shinseido learn how to avoid violence and how to deal with it if it does occur. Shinseido also encourages good health, fitness and self-development.

What's different about Shinseido?

  • Shinseido is not a sport. All training is geared towards practical self-defence. There are no techniques, such as high kicks, that are done just because they look good.
  • Adults of all ages and levels of physical fitness/ability can practice Shinseido. None of us can be fit and strong throughout our whole lives. This has to be taken into account in your training, so Shinseido techniques do not require great flexibility or strength in order to work.
  • The goal of Shinseido training is not to produce clones of our instructors, but to help each student to fulfill their potential as a unique individual.
  • Training is carried out in small groups of around 4 to 10 students, in order to ensure that each student receives personal attention from their instructor.
  • All tuition is provided by senior black belt instructors with many years experience.


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