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Haragei Fighting Arts Academy

Club name: Haragei Fighting Arts Academy

MAR member since 31/12/2005.

Haragei Fighting Arts Academy specialises in the following arts and styles:

Karate (Wado Ryu Karate Ju Jutsu)
Ju Jitsu 

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Club contact details:

127 Lulworth Road
Hall Green
West Midlands
B28 8NX

Contact name: Alfredo Cameron
Contact telephone: 0121 702 2785
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Tuesday:8pm-10pm Saturday:10am-12pm
Shelly Farm Community Centre
Farmhouse Way, Shirley,

The guiding theme of the academy is based primarily on the teaching of our interpretation of Wado Ryu karate. No particular emphasis is placed on sporting applications.

The primary concern is to teach in a manner that will eventually lead the students to the development of good quality self protection skills. Morality and integrity have to be developed also; these are used to govern the skill.

We aim to set and maintain high standards, for the student who is willing to work hard, the benefits in terms of character development and personal achievement will be priceless.

The training environment is disciplined, safe, and friendly, help is always available.

Our appproach to training takes the long term view; this fact must be firmly understood and established from the begining.


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