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philippine martial arts bedford england

Club name: philippine martial arts bedford england

MAR member since 25/11/2005.

philippine martial arts bedford england specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kali (deadly)
Panantukan (filipino kickboxing (deadly))
Street Defence (walking cane (deadly))
Grappling (dumog (deadly))

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Club contact details:

village hall
marston moortain

Contact name: guro michael lorimer-george
Contact telephone: 07986407244
Contact email:

please ring myself guro michael lorimer-george for times and futher info on times etc. salamat!

i teach dr remy p presas modern arnis, and i am the only u.k representative for his style in england, marppio modern arnis is world famous and practiced all over the world. very easy to apply and any style will have no problem in learning this art. i am proud to call dr remy p presas my taecher and friend! should u require myself to host a seminar at your club please dont hesitate to contact myself in this matter.price depend on location and group size etc. i have trained with many teachers in the fma (filipino martial arts) master krishna godhania who i still visit and learn from when i can as i respect him as my senior and a very great leader of the filipno martial arts (a great man)who i am proud to call my friend and teacher! master john harvey has made a impression on my training in the fma in the early stages of my training and is a very skillfull master in the fma's. i thank him for sharing his knowledge with me, and im very proud to call him my master and friend in the fma. i have experience in other chinese arts such as wing chun kung fu and hop gar kung fu, and many other style that i have taken the spirit and forged a warrior art. which i call diwang panlaban arnis meaning(fighting spirit arnis) this i feel is the core of everyone i will so u that u can defend yourself and help build the warrior spirit inside u. im look forward to hearing from u and seeing u at my class. u well feel very much at ease at my club, and have a great learning/fun experience and at the same time becoming a warrior in the filipino arts. as before i told u about the teachers i have train with, u can join me on many seminars through the year training with top master from around the world. help me make the filipino martial arts the most famous of all the styles, by joining my club and telling everyone u know! there is so much to talk about conserning what i teach, so here is a little bit# (1) empty hands (dirty boxing) (2) single cane (very good can be moderfide to use a paper stick on the ground umbrella etc) (3) double cames sinawali (the twirling motion of attack and defence) (4) walking cane (u can take this everywere u go) when ur very old ur skills still can be applyed how many styles can say that....answer not many!! (5) dulo-dulo (pocket stick very good for selfdefence) (6) espada & dager (sword and dagger used at the same time attacking and defending/slashind and stabbing) (7) karambit (a blade the shape of a large cats tooth the design meaning any teachniques well have max damage done to attacker this a a very deadly tool) as u can see there is much to cover. these subject are taught in stages, so the higher u reach in my style belts u may learn the more deadly weapons such as (1) karambit (2) knife (3) sword etc teachniques. conditions# (1) u must be loyal to me (teacher), and to the promotion of the club diwang panlaban arnis and the filipino martial arts. (2) never use ur skill in bullying others or used any bad way. (3) i well meet with u at ur first class and deside if u can continue in your training...reasons are beacuse the material being taught to u is very.....very deadly used in the wrong hands well kill and this can never happen. termination of membership depends on ur actions! inside the training hall and outside! salamat & mabuhay guro michael lorimer-george.


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