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Combined Combat Arts

Club name: Combined Combat Arts

MAR member since 27/08/2005.

Combined Combat Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu 

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Brownlow Hall
Warfield Street

Contact name: Grant Stevens
Contact telephone: 07769 814971
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8.15 pm Tuesdays

Chief instructor Grant Stevens, has been studying various martial arts for around 17 years, he currently holds the grades of 1st dan in wado ryu karate and kickboxing. Also having studied western boxing, ju jitsu and small circle ju jitsu amongst others. He became British full contact champion in 1997 and despite 2 drawn fights (dubious points decisions, ha, ha) has been unbeaten in kickboxing since 1996. He was trained by Sensei Tony Cashman and his son Jacey, who is a pro kick boxer and among a vast collection of titles Jacey currently holds two world championship titles, he is also in great demand in Europe to hold seminars. Combined Combat Arts is an amalgemation of all these fighting techniques. We welcome any age and experience and especially those who can contribute experience to others in the club. It has a freindly relaxed atmosphere with a good range of grades and experience.


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