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Blaze Martial Arts

Club name: Blaze Martial Arts

MAR member since 10/07/2005.

Blaze Martial Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (FREESTYLE)
Tae Kwon-do 
MMA Cross Training 

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Club contact details:

Ascot Heath Infant School
Rhododendron Walk

Contact name: Justyn Billingham
Contact telephone: 01344 874031
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Mon & Tues
4.30pm 5 - 7 years
6.30pm - 8 - 12 years
7.15pm - Adult / Teenager Beginner
8.00pm - Adult / Teenager Intermediate
8.45pm - Adult / Teenager advanced

At Blaze Martial Arts we teach a mixed Martial Art programme for:children and adults. Classes are broken down into age groups and ability levels, which we believe is more beneficial for learning and developing. All classes are taught in a friendly environment by professional instructors. As the Black belt is recognised world wide as a symbol of, persistence, dedication, and incredible achievement, our philosophy is 'Black Belt Excellence' and we encourage all our members to adapt this same mentality in EVERYTHING they do, which is why we are a recognised 'Black Belt School and Family Martial Arts Centre'. We understand that Martial Arts is about more than just punching and kicking and our training programme aids development in many others areas to help our members tackle the everyday stresses they encounter in their day to - day lives, regardless of their age.


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