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JUST DEFENCE specialises in the following arts and styles:

Street Defence 

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West Yorkshire
LS10 4AX

Contact name: CHRIS RENTON
Contact telephone: 07770808979
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wednesdays 7.30 till 8.30
please contact me first

Just Defence is a self-defence system for today’s environment, it will teach you how to recognise situation and avoid them if possible, if not how to adapt and make the safest chose. Just Defence is based on 4 phases of defence with the first one being Avoidance : Using awareness skills and colour code you should be able to avoid most confrontations by keeping alert sub-consciously, a bit like driving a car, you can be listening to music or talking but you are still looking out for dangers hazarders, this is because you have learnt to see what’s is about to happen rather then what’s happening. The second is Verbal: Talking your way out of a situation without any contact can be done with good tactical communication this is the true art of fighting without fighting. The third is to create an invisible barrier between you and them, this is called The Fence and used correctly it should allow you enough time to evaluate the threat and recognise any escape route or action that needs to be taken. The last is Defence learning to make the right moves in what could be split seconds if you can not escape, and to use only as much force as is necessary to make good your escape.


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