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AIMAA Dudley Martial Arts

Club name: AIMAA Dudley Martial Arts

MAR member since 14/05/2005.

AIMAA Dudley Martial Arts specialises in the following arts and styles:

Tae Kwon-do (ITF)
Tae Kwon-do (WTF)
Hapkido (Sung ja do)
Weaponry (sang bon)

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Club contact details:

St Thomas Network
Beechwood Rd
West Midlands

Contact name: Joe Woods
Contact telephone: 07753913583
Contact email:

19.30 till 20.30 THURSDAY & FRIDAY

black belt instruction,teaching martial arts, combining deadly fighting skills with up to date applications.An excellent way to learn self defence and achieve overall fitness of body and mind relieving the stress of everyday life.


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