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Somerset Jeet Kune Do

Club name: Somerset Jeet Kune Do

MAR member since 03/04/2005.

Somerset Jeet Kune Do specialises in the following arts and styles:

Jeet Kune Do 
Kung Fu (Wing Chun)

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Contact name: Paul Grey
Contact telephone: 078 1234 6025
Contact email: PAULTGREY@AOL.COM

Evenings and some weekend seminars

Somerset Jeet Kune Do teaches authentic Jun Fan and Jeet Kune Do as taught by Bruce Lee during his lifetime.
We are based near Weston Super Mare in Somerset and specialise in High Quality, personalised tuition to small groups of students.
Why are the classes so small ? Our ethos is about providing intensive, quality tuition to committed martial artists. You simply cannot provide the same input to 30 students you can with 6 students.
If you are interested in finding out more please call aul for an informal chat on 0781 234 6025.


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