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Weston Super Mare Krav Maga

Club name: Weston Super Mare Krav Maga

MAR member since 31/03/2005.

Weston Super Mare Krav Maga specialises in the following arts and styles:

Krav Maga 
Jeet Kune Do 
Kung Fu 

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weston super mare
weston super mare

Contact name: paul
Contact telephone: 078 12346025
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Various evenings on weekday evenings in addition to a range of half day training courses.

Krav Maga is a battle tested and proven protection system for everybody. There are no showy moves or high kicks. There are no forms or “katas”, there are no ancient weapons or strange rituals.
Instead you'll learn how to respond to guns, bottles, baseball bats and knives . What to do if several people attack you at once. How to survive and get away if you fall to the floor. Man, woman or child, in Krav Maga you will learn to survive, and learn very fast. Whats more, have fun doing it.
Because of Krav Maga's unique heritage and adaptability it is used and reviewed by people performing the most dangerous tasks across the globe. From Polish Commandos, Finnish Paratroopers, The Israeli Army and specialist units, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, to VIP close protection. Yet Krav Maga is also taught to civillians and School Children. Krav Maga training is in the firing line day after day. If Krav Maga didn't work it would not be used. Krav Maga is constantly evolving to meet new threats around the world.
Krav Maga. No Belts, No rules and No Bull.


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