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Salisbury Freestyle Kickboxing

Club name: Salisbury Freestyle Kickboxing

MAR member since 11/02/2005.

Salisbury Freestyle Kickboxing specialises in the following arts and styles:

Kickboxing (Freestyle)

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Sarum 76
Brown Street

Contact name: Matt Pickett
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Mondays 7.00pm 'til 8.30pm. (Adults and chldren)
Thursdays 7.00pm 'til 9.00pm. (Adults Only)

A freestyle martial art based around Lau Gar kung fu. Incorporates the sport element of modern kickboxing, the fluidity and explosive power of kung fu with the addition of self defence and combat techniques taken from various other martial arts from around the world. All together used to create a complete self defence system that can be adapted for use in competition fighting. If it works, why not use it? Friendly atmosphere, come n up and have a go!


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