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diwang panlaban arnis (filipino martial arts)

Club name: diwang panlaban arnis (filipino martial arts)

MAR member since 08/01/2005.

diwang panlaban arnis (filipino martial arts) specialises in the following arts and styles:

Eskrima (marppio arnis, diwang panlaban arnis, )
Kali (real (it works for anyone))
Street Defence (real (it works for anyone))
Weaponry (safety (it works for anyone))

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cauldwell community
centre, (off amptill road)

Contact name: lakan, michael lorimer george
Contact telephone: 07986407244
Contact email:

please feel free to ring me any time about times???? it should be saturdays 1,30pm ish

the great thing about filipino martail arts, is that it can be practiced and used and works!! by (young people) (old people) *(fit or unfit) (male or female) i have deside that the youngest age to come should be 12 years old just for now until i get the class started for a few monthe just come down see if you like it! first lesson free, after that £5 for 2 hour session.£25 pound joining fee that gets you, grading licence and insurance for the year. canes are provide at the start, but purchasing your own is important for practicing at home. training equipment can be perchased through the teacher myself, there well be a relaxed feel to the class, no pressure to be the best of the best, but a mature attitude must be the no.1 thing.all i ask is act like a martail artist inside the training hall and out side!! mabuhay and salamat!!


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