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diwang panlaban arnis

Club name: diwang panlaban arnis

MAR member since 14/10/2004.

diwang panlaban arnis specialises in the following arts and styles:

Eskrima (filipino arts)
MMA Cross Training (egoless.)
Kickboxing (empty hands)
Iaido (katana)

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Club contact details:

to be announced
at a later date
mk42 8al

Contact name: sensei michael lorimer - george
Contact telephone: 07903802974
Contact email:

after interveiw, times and membership can be arranged.

we are a very friendly club, all i wish from all of my students is that that act like real martial artists inside the training hall and outside of it. and always help some one in class if they are finding it hard. the better you are at martial arts, the better it looks on me! train with the masters such as dr remy p presas 6-7 august 2005 very cheap chance of a life time, start training with me and never look back!!!!! details on seminar for booking your place contact me.


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