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Jacobs Wells Jitsu Club

Club name: Jacobs Wells Jitsu Club

MAR member since 26/09/2004.

Jacobs Wells Jitsu Club specialises in the following arts and styles:

Ju Jitsu (Shorinji Kan)

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Bristol Community Dance Centre

Contact name: Paul Burden
Contact telephone: 07710981489
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8-10pm Wednesdays

(jujitsu, ju jujitsu, ju jutsu) is a martial art based on a moving system of striking, locking and throwing techniques. With a strong emphasis on the use of an opponent's body weight and movement

Jujitsu provides a highly effective means of countering physical attacks from both armed and unarmed assailants, irrespective of the defender's own strength, weight or gender.

We are curently recruiting new members and beginners are welcome throughout the the year.


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